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Personal representatives in Maryland must have a surety bond before they can assume their roles. With this type of surety bond in place, the public is protected against negligence at the hands of nominals. Although these types of bonds might also be required in other states, they're always required in Maryland. The bond amount is determined by the court and is typically fairly small.

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What Is A Nominal Bond?

These bonds are a specific type of Maryland probate bond. However, this bond type differs from a typical administrator/executor bond where the principal would normally distribute assets and pay debts. In this case, the principal is not responsible for distributing assets as outlined in a will. The Maryland nominal bond only guarantees that the principal will pay

  • any debts due by the decedent
  • the Maryland inheritance tax
  • court costs
  • registers’ fees

Learn More About This Bond's Protection.

These bonds require that Maryland nominals perform their tasks according to the bond's obligations. If they fail to do so, the bond provides a means of collection for those who make claims. However, claims aren't usually made on personal representative bonds that don't involve assets. This contract becomes void once the personal representative pays the debts due by the decedent, the Maryland inheritance tax, court costs and register's fees from the estate.

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