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Officer of the Law Bond

Bonding for Officers of the Law

SuretyBonds.com is legally licensed to issue law officer bonds nationwide. Whether you work in Florida, California, Texas or New York, we can help!

Officers of the law have certain civic duties that require a higher level of protection for citizens. With a surety bond in place, they’re held financially accountable if they choose to take advantage of their power. Various federal, state and local government agencies require their law enforcement officers to be bonded so that those harmed by wrongful acts have the ability to collect damages. Don’t worry if you don’t quite understand how surety bonds affect officers of the law. The experts at SuretyBonds.com developed this quick and easy guide to help!

Pay A Low Rate For Your Bond.

Because nearly every U.S. city has unique bonding requirements for officers of the law, surety bond costs vary on a case-by-case basis. Your exact surety bond cost will depend on:

Typically, officers of the law must have a credit score of 650 or greater to be bonded. Applicants with good credit scores will qualify for the best premium rates, typically just 1-4% of the bond amount. The best way to determine exactly what you’ll pay is by getting a free surety bond quote without an obligation to buy.

Get Your Bond Fast!

At SuretyBonds.com, we provide our clients with fast, easy and accurate bonding services. When you’re ready to purchase your bond, call us at 1 (800) 308-4358, or submit an online contact form 24/7. Once we have all of the necessary application information, your account manager will shop your bond around to find you the best rate possible. This process typically takes just two or three business days.

Your bond will be issued as soon as payment is received. Your original bond form will arrive in the mail via your preferred shipping method, and you’ll receive a copy via email immediately. Overnight shipping is available upon request. What are you waiting for? Get started now!

Learn More About Surety Bonds.

Officers of the law are accountable for maintaining the peace within a given jurisdiction. Along with this responsibility, they also have the power to apprehend criminals, as well as prevent and detect crimes. Because officers of the law must maintain public order, surety bonds hold them financially accountable for the decisions they make while performing their duties.

Just like other surety bond types, bonds for officers of the law serve as financial contracts that bring together three parties.

If an officer of the law chooses to misuse his or her power, harmed parties can file a claim against the bond to recover losses. If the claim is validated, then the surety underwriter will reimburse the obligee. The surety will then require the principal to repay it for any claims paid out, which is how surety bonds differ from insurance.

Officers of the law who might need to be bonded include, but are not limited to: