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Johnathan Pearson

Customer Care Specialist

I Can’t Live Without…

music. It’s my therapy.

In a Former Life…

I just hope that I was over 6 feet tall. It’s a tough life being short.

My Favorite Thing is…

falling asleep watching cartoons, only to wake up to them, also.

I’m Most Proud of…

my siblings. They take pride in following in my footsteps and I take pride in laying the foundation.

I’d Love to Have…

world peace and an unlimited supply of Twizzlers!

What are people saying about Johnathan Pearson?

Johnathan has been great to deal with...

"Johnathan has been great to deal with and has represented surety bonds very well!! He is quick to respond and always follows through."

Philip Watson

Very quick to respond

"Very quick to respond, and great price! Johnathan, was a pleasure to work with."


Johnathan Pearson needs a raise

"Johnathan Pearson was very knowledgeable, professional and displayed superb customer service experience. I greatly appreciate him thoroughly explaining the process for my bond."

Reginald Merritt