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Johnathan Pearson

Senior Account Manager

I Can’t Live Without…

music. It’s my therapy.

In a Former Life…

I just hope that I was over 6 feet tall. It’s a tough life being short.

My Favorite Thing is…

falling asleep watching cartoons, only to wake up to them, also.

I’m Most Proud of…

my siblings. They take pride in following in my footsteps and I take pride in laying the foundation.

I’d Love to Have…

world peace and an unlimited supply of Twizzlers!

What are people saying about Johnathan Pearson?

They Knew What I Needed!

"The state of Michigan requires a surety bond when you build a trailer over 2,500 pounds. After checking with 8 local insurance companies, no one sells them. I went online and found SuretyBonds.com. It was a very pleasant surprise - quick, priced right, and they knew exactly what I needed and provided really great service. It was late in the afternoon, but I had my paperwork the next morning. Thank you, Johnathan!"

Philip Watson

Jonathan Saves the Day!

"I worked with Johnathan Pearson, from SuretyBonds, who guided me through the process. Very knowledgeable, professional, and fast. I had the bond delivered to the bank the next day, and my funds were secured. Thanks Johnathan for saving the day! I'll be back."

Paul Toczydlowski

Easiest Bonding Process

"I called to bond my new business, not quite sure of the bond that would be needed because of no bonding requirements in my state. Johnathan was knowledgeable and professional and lined me up with the bond that best fit my business model and what the average amount is for states that require bonding in this field. He had an application emailed immediately and had proof of bonding emailed within a few hours of payment. This is one of easiest bonding/insurance processes I've ever had in my years of business, and the best most professional customer service I've had in a very long time. Thanks!"

John Crotto