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Taylor West

Account Manager

My favorite thing is…

My family. I wouldn’t be who I am today without their constant support.

I’d love to have…

A nice little cozy condo at the base of Keystone Ski Resort in Colorado so I can ski and snowboard whenever I want.

My favorite sports team is…

Forever Royal!

My family pet is…

a big white fluffy Samoyed named Aspen.

My favorite parts of my job are…

working with the most dedicated and hard working group of people and learning something new each day.

What are people saying about Taylor West?

In a pinch...

"To be honest with you I was in a pinch to get a bond because of the timing on certain other things like bids and test dates, etc. When I called your office Taylor West was all over it . I believe within a day or so I not only got my quote but the doc was on its way and in a couple of more days I had my doc and sent it to the rock. So needless to say , excellent job SuretyBonds.com."


I needed to get a surety bond to apply …

"I needed to get a surety bond to apply for private investigator's license in the state of South Carolina. Never done this before. I've never had to go through the bond process and Taylor my representative made it extremely easy, answered all my questions and was always available. So as a first time buyer I couldn't be happier. And I will be a customer for a very very long time."


Lightining Fast responses, and seamless process

"SuretyBonds.com contacted bright and early Monday morning after I submitted a request for quote on the weekend. The account manager called me, which I missed the call, and then followed up with an email. I emailed her back, and then I received a response within 1 or 2 minutes. We emailed back and forth several times discussing questions I had about my options. Taylor responded immediately to every email. I really appreciated that the bonding paperwork was emailed to me as soon as I paid for my bond. The process was seamless, and I'd definitely do business with SuretyBonds.com again."