2019 Scholarship Finalists: Deven Meyers

The following was written by Deven Meyers, a finalist for the 2019 SuretyBonds.com Small Business Scholarship, to accompany her video submission.

Interviewed on “The Luca & Cason Show,” Deven Meyers shared her experience of creating her own swim lesson business called “FH [Fountain Hills] Swim Academy.” After a short infomercial about FH Swim Academy, Cason and Luca begin the interview in a highly sophisticated manner. They ask questions such as what inspired her to be a swim instructor, how a previously mentioned childhood tragedy relates to her current business, and what effect this business has and will have on her.

Overall, the audience learns that Deven’s childhood friend was a near-victim of drowning, later inspiring her to become a swim instructor. Through the course of 2 years, Deven acquired over 600 hours of swim instructor experience from a pool 25 minutes outside of town. In this time, she realized there was a void in her small town regarding local and affordable swim lessons. After so many requests for in-town lessons, she decided to take action, and this June will be FH Swim Academy’s official inaugural season. This experience has given her the confidence to pursue her long-term dream career as a surgeon because now she knows that she has the capability to do anything. In addition to her biology major, she will be striving for a business minor to assist her with this new business and future endeavors.

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Nicole Mueller
Nicole is a senior at the University of Missouri - Columbia studying journalism with a focus in strategic communication. She is a member of the marketing department and outreach team for SuretyBonds.com, a leading provider of online bonding for clients nationwide.