Our Story

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Our Story

As surety bond specialists, we recognize that surety bonds are everywhere, yet most people still know little about them.

Unfortunately, the majority of people who are familiar with surety bonds learned about them unintentionally while dealing with seemingly arbitrary industry regulations or licensing requirements.  Others discover their usefulness only after experiencing a bad business transaction or contract gone wrong.

For example, one of our founding members was building a new home some years back.  A few weeks after closing on the home and moving in his family, he learned that his primary contractor owed hundreds of thousands of dollars to subcontractors who worked on the job.

And these subcontractors came directly after our friend for payment.

Had he obtained a surety bond on the contract, he would not have been as susceptible to claims from the subcontractors. Herein lies the crucial need for surety bonds: their protection can make a huge difference in people’s personal and professional lives.

Before launching this company, our founding members had years of experience starting mortgage, real estate and insurance businesses online.  Each new company and sales representative we worked with faced bonding requirements as a part of the licensing process.  So we thought, “Why not start our own surety bond company?”

After a great deal of industry research, SuretyBonds.com was born.

Our Services Today

To date, we have helped thousands of small business owners, entrepreneurs and other professionals get surety bonds in all 50 states.  Our Broker Program has made us the go-to outlet for insurance brokers who do not have the time or expertise to process customer requests for surety bonds.

Our online application takes just two minutes to complete, and our processors frequently issue and ship bonds in just one business day. Because we work with so many markers, we offer some of the most competitive rates available. And if you have any questions about your bond along the way, our surety bond specialists have an unparalleled knowledge of the industry.

We look forward to working with you.