2019 Scholarship Finalists: Madi Smyser

The following was written by Madi Smyser, a finalist for the 2019 SuretyBonds.com Small Business Scholarship, to accompany her video submission.

My small business, Madi’s Munchies, is a bakery that sells cookies, granola bars, and a variety of other munchies. When I started it in early 2017, I was introverted and unsure of what I wanted in life. Then came a year of insane growth where I learned about what it truly means to be a small business owner, all the way from the bookkeeping to the wonderful customer relationships. My small bakery accomplished a lot in that time, now selling munchies in several restaurants and coffee shops. Since I do sell delicious treats, I am blessed to get to see the smiles of my customers, which makes the work I do that much more enjoyable. When I look back, I realize how much I have changed. Now, I am wiser, braver, and stronger. And, I now know that small business ownership is the place that I belong, whatever form that may take in the future. For now, as I head off to Baylor University in the fall to study entrepreneurship, I will continue to lead Madi’s Munchies in a bit of a different position, while still keeping it running with a few employees.

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