2019 Scholarship Finalists: Sage Offutt

The following was written by Sage Offutt, a finalist for the 2019 SuretyBonds.com Small Business Scholarship, to accompany her video submission.

From the age of eleven, I have had the incredible opportunity to immensely impact people’s lives every day. I was given a loan by my father to start a paddleboard business for something fun to do in the summer. At the time, I had no idea how much it would change my life. Sage Paddle Company grew from six paddleboards to one of the largest recreational rental companies on Florida’s Emerald Coast. During my second year of business, I had an opportunity to change a families life, without realizing it at the time. The experience I was able to create for a father and his son, changed my perspective personally as well as professionally. Through this moment I realized that Sage Paddle Company was much for than paddleboards and kayaks, and gave people once in a lifetime, life-changing experiences. To this day, I think of that father and son and wonder where I would be without that moment. I will forever be grateful for the amazing perspective they were able to provide me with.

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Nicole Mueller
Nicole is a senior at the University of Missouri - Columbia studying journalism with a focus in strategic communication. She is a member of the marketing department and outreach team for SuretyBonds.com, a leading provider of online bonding for clients nationwide.