A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Branding [Infographic]

With social media trends evolving every day, it can be hard to manage your business and keep up with daily social media responsibilities. To maximize your reach and profits, tailoring your social media efforts to your target customers is key.

Each social media site can be broken down into specific groups of demographics. Identifying these groups will help you effectively target your potential customers using social media. 80% of customers prefer to connect with companies via social media (Social Media Times), but many companies never respond when customers initiate a conversation. By understanding where your customers are located on the Internet and listening and responding to what they say, your brand equity will soar.

SuretyBonds.com compiled the best tips and practices of social media according to major social media and research companies.

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Jon Gottschalk
Jon Gottschalk is the Senior Marketing Director for Suretybonds.com and regularly blogs at the Surety Bond Insider to keep consumers informed on new legislation and updates in the commercial surety industry. He is also a licensed property & casualty insurance producer in Missouri.