New Hampshire Carry-over Coverall Bingo Halls Must Post Bond


On March 18, 2016, Governor Maggie Hassan signed Senate Bill 144 which will require carry-over coverall bingo halls in New Hampshire to post at least a $50,000 surety bond. SB 144 will go into effect on September 14, 2016.

“Carry-over coverall” means a bingo game in which a prize is awarded to the player who achieves coverall within 50 or fewer balls. “Coverall” means the whole bingo board must be covered completely to win. If no player achieves coverall, the prize accumulates and is rolled over to the next game until there is a winner. This is an important distinction from other types of bingo because the surety bond amount is equal to the highest jackpot the hall has had in the past 24 months. If the highest jackpot is less than $50,000, a $50,000 bond is still required by the Lottery Commission.

Bingo surety bonds are required by the New Hampshire Racing and Charitable Gaming Division to protect the players from unreceived winnings if the owners of the gaming hall can’t pay out the money. Along with the bond, halls are required to submit the following if they wish to be licensed:

It is important to understand that this bond is specifically for halls that play carry-over coverall bingo games. There are different types of bonds required for different games. is licensed to meet all of your bonding needs regardless of the type of gambling.

For more information or questions about becoming a licensed gaming hall, contact the New Hampshire Racing and Charitable Gaming Division or visit their frequently asked questions page. If you have any questions about the bond or think you are ready to get one, contact the experts at


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