Bond Needed for Vegetation Pruning Permit in Kentucky

vegetation pruning permit

The Kentucky Highway Department of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet passed amendment 603 KAR 5:155, which requires a vegetation pruning permit in order to remove or prune vegetation located next to state roadways. One requirement of the new law, effective as of November 5, 2015, is that those seeking a permit must obtain a performance and payment bond, to be in effect until released by the state. The performance bond is in place to guarantee that the pruning or removal will be completed according to the contract with the state, while the payment bond is in place to ensure that all payments established by the contract are made. These bonds are among the most commonly issued construction bonds and are typically issued together. Before obtaining the bond, one should consult with the Kentucky Highway Department to ensure that they are having the bond issued on the correct form.

Requirements for a Kentucky Vegetation Pruning Permit

The performance and payment bond is just one step in obtaining a vegetation pruning permit, so it is important to be familiar with all additional requirements established by the Kentucky Department of Highways. A few of these requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • Commercial entities must use a certified arborist
  • Commercial entities may only have two active permits for vegetation removal; if there are three, the applicant must complete one before a new permit is issued
  • Completed application including information such as a description of the project, the address and phone number of the applicant, and a vegetation management plan
  • Provide proof of liability insurance greater than or equal to $3 million and listing the department as the “certificate holder”
  • Provide documentation that the United States Fish and Wildlife Service has been consulted regarding a potential for the proposed work to affect federally listed, threatened, or endangered species

A full list of requirements to obtain a vegetation pruning permit in Kentucky is listed in 603 KAR 5:155.

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