Renew on Time: Bonds Expiring December 31st


While many surety bonds are issued on a fixed 1-year term, there are some bonds with a specific expiration date set by the obligee so it’s important that you’re aware of when you will need to renew your bond. Those who currently have any of the bonds listed below must renew them on or before December 31, 2015 to avoid lapses in coverage and potential punitive action. For further information on any of the bonds listed here, please refer to our dedicated bond pages or call a surety bond expert at 1 (800) 308-4358.

  • Texas Mixed Beverage Tax Bonds: This includes both mixed beverage excise and gross receipts tax bonds, which are in place to ensure that permit holders pay all taxes, interest, penalties and costs as required by chapters 151 and 183 of the Texas Tax Code
  • Oklahoma Used Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond: In order to become licensed, used motor vehicle dealers in Oklahoma must submit a surety bond to the Used Motor Vehicle and Parts Commission ensuring that they will comply with all local and state laws pertaining to dealers

*Illinois Appraisal Management Company bonds expire on December 31 of even years, so those needing to renew should do so next year.

If you do not see your bond listed on this page but would like to check if it is expiring soon, a more comprehensive list of bonds that must renew may be found by clicking here.

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