California increases car wash surety bond requirement to $150,000

car wash

Beginning on January 1, 2014, California professionals who own or operate car washing and/or polishing businesses will have to post a $150,000 CA car wash surety bond, which is an increase from the previous amount of $15,000.

Professionals must submit their renewed surety bond to the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement in order to stay in compliance with the laws of the state and industry. The California DLSE Licensing and Registration office can be reached at the following address:

PO Box 420603
San Francisco, CA 94142

The full text of the legislation change can be read here. In addition to raising the bond requirement, CA AB1387 does the following:

  • Increases the employer’s bond requirement amount to $150,000, but exempts an employer from that requirement if the employer has a collective bargaining agreement in place that meets specified criteria
  • Deletes the repeal date of the provisions described above, thus extending those provisions indefinitely

Applicants with credit scores at or near 700 will pay premiums of 1-5% on their new bonds, which amounts to a price of approximately $1,500-7,500. To help ensure that you pay the lowest price possible for your bond, provide full financial credentials upfront.

This law goes into effect in less than three weeks. The surety specialists at are completely up-to-date on this development and can help answer any and all questions about the new requirement, the renewal process or surety bonds in general. Don’t fall out of compliance with the laws of the car washing industry in California. Renew your surety bond quickly, easily and accurately through Applicants can submit a California car wash bond application online 24/7 or call 1 (800) 308-4358 now to begin the bonding process.

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