Understanding Cleaning Service, Janitorial & Business Service Bonds

Many companies choose to purchase cleaning service, janitorial or business service bonds to let their customers know they are a reputable company. It can help gain clients’ trust and ultimately earn their business. Most clients want to know the company they are hiring has a bond to assure them the business will hold up their end of the contract, conduct business lawfully, and there is financial peace of mind in the event any losses are incurred by the customer (in the event of theft or damages). Here are some commonly asked questions SuretyBonds.com receives about these popular bond types. 

Is there a difference between a cleaning service, janitorial or business service bond?

This is a question many companies ask. What bond is the right bond for their business? Luckily, there’s a really simple answer. They are all the same exact surety bond. The wording may differ depending on the surety company or the exact business one is conducting, but it’s important not to get confused by semantics.

What does the bond do and who needs one?

Business service bonds protect against employee theft or damages by the company’s employees to the client’s property they are working on. For example, if a cleaning service employee is cleaning a building at night and steals a laptop from the client, the bond will cover the theft or damages. This can include stealing money, laptops, damaging property and similar crimes. Businesses that need to purchase these bonds include cleaning services, pet sitters, gardeners, house painters, plumbers or repair men. Business service bonds are different than dishonesty bonds, which protect the company itself from its own employees.

How much do cleaning service, janitorial, and business service bonds cost?

The bond amount for cleaning service or business service bonds depends on the number of employees the business has and the amount of coverage they wish to have. For example, if a cleaning service is doing business at a small residential property they may purchase less coverage than if they were working at a large corporation. You can check out the exact pricing information for the bond here

Business service bonds are some of the most common bond requests we receive. They are what’s in the best interest for your customer while also serving as a powerful marketing tool to win more business, set yourself apart from your competitors and establish trust with potential clients. If you have any additional questions about these bonds, check out these resources below or call 1 (800) 308-4358 to speak with a SuretyBonds.com Account Manager.

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