Expiring Bonds and Effective Legislation: 2021-2022 Bond Roundup

Legislation going into effect January 2022

The following pieces of state legislation affecting bond requirements in industries such as roofing and auto dealing will be effective in Arkansas, Kansas, and Kentucky as of January 2022:

Arkansas: Roofing Contractors Registration

Arkansas House Bill 1800 will require roofing contractors to register with the Residential Contractors Committee in order to operate. The application for this certificate of registration will require a surety bond in the minimum amount of $15,000, as well as proof of workers’ compensation coverage and any other information needed by the committee.

Kansas: Vehicle Dealer License Bond Amount Increase

Kansas Senate Bill 99 will provide for display show licenses, allow for new vehicle dealers and manufacturers to participate in display shows, and raise the bond amount required of motor vehicle dealers from $30,000 to $50,000.

Kentucky Abandoned and Blighted Property

Kentucky Senate Bill 105 will authorize judges to either demolish or rehabilitate homes that have been abandoned. A court-appointed conservator may be required to post a bond in an amount determined by the court, not exceeding the assessed value of the building at the time of the conservator’s appointment. Similarly, in cases of abatement, the court may require the owner to post a bond in the amount of the repair costs to retain possession of the building.

Bonds expiring at the end of 2021

Here are some of the bonds expiring at the end of 2021 that will need to be renewed. SuretyBonds.com customers can find additional renewal information through our bond search tool.


Mortgage Broker Bond

Residential Roofer Bond


Liquor Broker Tax Bond


Consumer Installment Loan Act Bond

Designated Agent Bond for Vehicle Dealers

Remittance Agent’s Bond


Used Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

City of Lake Charles Contractor Bond


Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond


City of Cleveland Contractor Bond


Used Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond


Mixed Beverage Sales Tax Bond

Mixed Beverage Gross Receipts Tax Bond

Continuous Sales Tax Bond


Investment Adviser Bond

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