Increased Surety Bond for Georgia Driver Improvement Clinics

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Driver improvement clinics in Georgia will need to post an increased surety bond following the Department of Driver Services’ (DDS) adoption of new regulations. The surety bond increased from $2,500 per clinic location to $10,000.

Driver improvement, also called defensive driving, is a 6-hour course aimed at teaching safe driving behaviors. The course can be court ordered, taken to reduce driver’s license points, driver’s license reinstatement, insurance premium reduction or electively.

Applicants for opening a driver improvement clinic in Georgia will need to submit an application to the DDS. All partners, corporate officers or controlling stockholders must complete the application except Section 1, and must submit their fingerprints for a background check. Some information required on the application includes the following:

  • Signed Statement of Completion (all applicants)
  • Notarized Consent for Background Investigation form (all applicants)
  • Photocopy of diploma or high school transcript (all applicants)
  • $10,000 surety bond per clinic location
  • Proof of fire code inspection of clinic location, dated within 90 days and showing no violations
  • Copy of the clinic’s business license and business hours
  • $200 application fee
  • Copy of the notarized business name form submitted to County Clerk’s office where the business is located
  • Copy of clinic certificate from an approved curriculum provider
  • Drafts of student contracts (DDS will provide standardized contracts with the clinic’s certification

Prior to applying, all applicants must complete the Prerequisites of Opening a Driver Safety Program in Georgia training. Clinic owners must complete the Driver Improvement Clinic Owner Training (the DDS will send information about the program with the clinic’s certification).

Contact the DDS with questions about opening a driver improvement clinic. Call when you’re ready to purchase a surety bond in Georgia.

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