Kansas updates bond requirements for sporting event promoters

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On February 21st, 2014, the Kansas Department of Administration approved a revision to the state’s regulations for sporting event promoters. The revision to the existing regulations was made by the Kansas Athletic Commission, which oversees laws and enforces regulations that govern regulated sports such as professional boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts and wrestling. Licensing requirements for event promoters fall within the jurisdiction of the Commission’s sporting event regulations.

The licensing process had previous required promoters to post a surety bond or letter of credit before they could be granted an event permit. The surety bond ensured the payment of fees and taxes owed to the Commission. The revised regulations state that the licensing process will continue to require a surety bond, but at a minimum amount of $10,000. An additional bond my be required by the Commission if the original bond will not provide sufficient liability protection to all parties. According to K.A.R. 128-2-13, the bond will now be used to secure the payment of fees due to the Commission, plus any unpaid feeds owed to officials and contestants. The revised regulations also eliminated the option to post a letter of credit as an alternative.

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These approved revisions to the regulations for sporting event promoters in Kansas are currently being enforced. Individuals may apply for a promoter license with the Kansas Athletic Commission online.

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