Louisiana Private Driving School Bond Decrease

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Private driving schools in Louisiana are now required to post a $20,000 surety bond, effective August 1, 2015. Previously the bond requirement in the state was $40,000. Introduced in the Louisiana Senate as HB 170, the regulation was signed into law in June 2015, becoming Act 99.

Private driving school owners must purchase the bond as part of their licensing requirements. In the event that a private driving school or its instructors fail to perform any promised services, the student or student’s parent (if the student is a minor) can file a claim against the bond to recover any fees paid to the school. The bond serves as the driving school’s agreement to uphold the provisions of Title 55, Part III of the Louisiana Administrative Code.

For more information on the change in bond coverage, contact the Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections or consult the August 2015 Louisiana Register. Find resources on how to become a private driving school owner here.

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