Mississippi Revises Bond Coverage for Hospital Board of Trustees

Hospital Board

The bonding requirements for Mississippi community hospital board of trustees have been revised in Senate Bill 2407. The bill adjusts the amount of the required surety bond depending on the population of the county in which the hospital is located. Signed into law by Gov. Phil Bryant on April 22, 2015, the new regulations will take effect on January 1, 2016.

Community hospitals’ boards of trustees will determine which hospital officials will be bonded, including board members and other administrators. Community hospitals in counties with a population of less than 100,000 must post a bond that is no less than $10,000 and no more than $100,000. In counties with populations over 100,000, the bond must be no less than $50,000 and no more than $500,000. The bond ensures that all bonded officials perform the duties of their office in accordance with Mississippi law.

Complete regulations governing Mississippi community hospitals can be found in Title 41, Chapter 13 of the Mississippi Code (navigate to the Code at the bottom of the page). Contact the Mississippi State Department of Health with questions about hospital licensure and regulations. SuretyBonds.com can help answer questions about obtaining a bond in Mississippi.

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