Montana Notaries Subject to Increased Bond Amount

Montana Notaries Subject to Increased Bond Amount

Effective as of October 1, 2019, Montana notaries must now obtain a $25,000 surety bond to comply with the new requirements established by House Bill 370. Previously, the Montana secretary of state’s office required notaries to have a $10,000 bond prior to being commissioned as a notary.

How much does a Montana notary bond cost?

A Montana notary bond in the amount of $25,000 costs $40 for the entirety of the notary’s 4-year commission. Despite the increase to the required bond amount, the premium remains the same as it was for the $10,000 bond required previously.

Protection from liability due to a mistake is available for Montana notaries called errors and omissions coverage.

What is errors and omissions coverage and is it required?

Errors and omissions coverage is a type of protection for notaries who make a mistake in the process of notarizing documents. Although it is not required, including errors and omissions coverage is recommended in the event a claim is filed against the bond. A notary who does not have errors and omissions may be held personally liable for monetary damages caused by mistakes. However, the coverage does not apply to mistakes deemed to be intentional in nature.

For more in-depth information on errors and omissions coverage, see The Ins & Outs of E&O: Understanding Errors and Omissions.

How much does errors and omissions coverage cost?

The cost of errors and omissions coverage depends on how much coverage the notary wishes to include with his or her notary bond. Please refer to the table for available errors and omissions coverage options.

Errors & Omissions Coverage Amount Errors & Omissions Cost Total Cost with Bond
$10,000 $35 $75
$20,000 $55 $95
$30,000 $75 $115

Does the increase apply to current Montana notaries?

The increase does apply to all Montana notaries, however, those currently commissioned with the state do not need to increase their bond amount until their current commission expires.

How do I increase the amount of my surety bond?

Since no immediate action is required for current Montana notaries, they may continue performing the duties of a notary with their current bond until their commission expires. Between 60 and 90 days prior to the expiration of a notary’s commission, the surety provider should be in contact to begin the process of renewing the bond. Once the renewal premium is paid, a new bond in the amount of $25,000 will be provided to the notary.

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