Ohio Athletic Commission requires surety bonds for combative sports promoters

Ohio Athletic Commission

In regulating the state’s combative sports industry, the Ohio Athletic Commission requires promoters to post two different surety bonds.

The $20,000 Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and Tough Person Promoters Surety Bond (also known as “Boxing MMA TM Promoter $20,000 Surety Bond” or “Ohio Promoters License Bond”) is required to guarantee that promoters properly fulfill their duties as outlined by industry regulations, especially paying participants for all public or private competitions. Similar to the Texas Combat Sports Promoter Bond, the Ohio Promoters License Bond protects all inspectors, judges, referees, timekeepers, physicians and contestants who take part in a competition by ensuring their due payment.

In addition to a license bond, each promoter must also provide a $2,500 tax bond that guarantees their payment of all taxes. Whereas the promoter’s license bond is submitted to the Ohio Athletic Commission, the tax bond is submitted to the state’s treasurer. Both bonds are required from those applying for their promoter’s license.

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