Don’t let your pest control service be a pest

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Dealing with unwanted pests in your home is frustrating, but dealing with a sneaky, unprofessional pest control service only makes the situation worse. So how do you make sure you’re working with a reliable business that will perform quality services? The easiest way to hold a pest control business accountable for its services is to make sure it’s bonded.

Pest control professionals get bonded as a prerequisite to the licensing process in certain states. Government agencies require pest control professionals to be bonded as a way to reinforce industry regulations with a financial guarantee of professional compliance.

When a surety provider issues a bond to an individual or enterprise, a business service bond essentially acts as a legally binding contract among three parties.

  1. The principal is the professional or service that gets bonded to guarantee work performance.
  2. The obligee is the entity that requires the bond to protect consumers.
  3. The surety is the agency that issues the bond as a financial guarantee of the principal’s work.

If a bonded worker or service breaks the bond’s terms by leaving a job incomplete or doing unsatisfactory work, the client can make a claim on the bond. This will require the worker or service to compensate the harmed party. If the principal cannot afford to do so, then the bond holds the surety provider accountable for resolving the situation.

As a specific type of business service bond, pest control bonds protect those who receive services or enter into a contract with a registered company. If you’re harmed as a result of negligence, dishonesty or fraud committed by a bonded pest control service company, you’ll be able to make a claim on the bond to recover losses.

Although verifying that a pest control service is bonded requires a little extra work on the consumer’s part, it’s well worth it in the long run. Otherwise consumers could be left working with a shoddy company that might try to avoid taking responsibility for inadequate work.

There are plenty of reliable and professional pest control services out there. Verifying their bonded statuses can help you find them.

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