Remote Online Notarization Providers That Stand Out from the Crowd

Uniqueness is crucial in the professional world. With so many options vying for consumer attention at any given time, businesses must find a way to stand out. Every company needs to establish its footprint in its respective industry, and online notarization businesses are no exception.

Luckily, remote online notarization providers have found ways to offer consumers perfectly tailored advantages. Are you a remote notary looking to perform online remote notarizations internationally? Perhaps you are an individual searching for a highly rated company to cater to your notarial needs.

Whatever the case may be, the software you use is one of the most important aspects of online remote notarization and electronic signing (e-signing). Because every state allowing remote online notarization requires notaries to select a platform vendor before working fully online, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular and best-rated vendors for notaries, customers, and industry professionals alike. The following online notarization service providers have proven themselves as forces to be reckoned with in the era of remote notarization.


DocVerify is one of the most widely used e-signing platforms nationwide. In fact, the company has helped notarize more than 3 million documents to date. With the increased use of online notarization, DocVerify remains at the helm of the notary industry by constantly updating its website with new legislation, striving to keep users informed of any changes within their state or industry. Due to its up-to-date information, DocVerify is approved in every state allowing remote online and electronic notarizations while being cost-effective compared to competitors.

While DocVerify does not directly provide notarizations, it will connect you with a commissioned electronic or remote notary, depending on what your state allows. It even has its own e-notary locator network that allows customers to find notaries nearby if they are connecting in person. Additionally, because DocVerify does not require any hardware or software download, the process is easily streamlined. To be approved, commissioned notaries must create an account and provide their credentials.


Notarize is another big player in the online remote notarization game. Backed by more than 8,000 positive reviews on Trustpilot, Notarize is a fan favorite for remote notarization and electronic signing. One of its most notable features is its ability for users to e-sign documents for free. Its e-signature feature can be accessed separately from remote online notarization so customers can go online and simply upload the document they want to sign. If the document only exists in paper form, Notarize’s app allows customers to take a photo and sign it digitally as well.

Similar to DocVerify, Notarize does not perform the actual notarization. Rather, it connects customers with a verified commissioned remote notary. Notaries sign up and provide their credentials — such as commission, insurance, etc. — to get approved within three business days to begin working with Notarize.


Nexsys is another great provider for e-signing. Initially developed to streamline signing in the real estate industry, Nexsys specializes in secure online closings; specifically, its signing feature is titled Nexsys Clear Sign. In 2019, Quicken Loans became the first mortgage lender in Michigan to complete the process using remote online notarization with the help of Nexsys Clear Sign. Along with Clear Sign, Nexsys offers Nexsys Clear HOI, helping with homeowners insurance, and Nexsys Clear Path, a management platform for title and closing, insurance, and appraisals.

Setting up Clear Sign is entirely customized. Notaries and customers can sign entire or partial documents and switch between remote and in-person functions at any time.


Looking to get business done overseas? NotaryCam spans all 50 U.S. states, as well as more than 145 countries internationally. The company has completed more than 200,000 online notarizations with its extensive network.

To become a notary with NotaryCam, you apply to work specifically for the service. It recruits and hires eNotary trainers to teach the NotaryCam Academy class, which each notary undergoes upon being hired. NotaryCam requires training to ensure the quality of its notaries, as well as maintain a uniform and standardized process in which the brand can be entirely confident. NotaryCam is also well-versed in real estate, miscellaneous businesses, and API (application programming interface) for developers.


SIGNiX stands out as a provider due to the wide variety of industries it covers. Some that are particularly interesting are taxes and pharmaceutical companies, spaces not many other vendors enter. Along with these industries, SIGNiX provides features for credit unions, banks, and other financial service providers; insurance and healthcare; the life sciences; education and government; and real estate and large corporations. Its specific industry-tailored features help ensure a specialized platform for the uniqueness of each sector.

For notaries searching for a provider they can use without being hired or approved, SIGNiX is worth considering. Notaries are able to work independently because SIGNiX only provides the means for remote notarization and electronic signing. It does not specifically vet notaries or connect customers directly to notary professionals.


Safedocs stands out in the remote notary vendor space because of its unique enterprise option. With the Enterprise package, Safedocs’ NotaryGo’s service includes wet signed documents, in-person eNotarized documents, and, of course, remote online notarized transactions. Along with these features, Safedocs can help manage the entire process with scheduling, document delivery, and execution oversight. This could be particularly helpful for businesses dealing with large volumes of signatures and notarial requirements.

Like NotaryCam, Safedocs provides international capabilities for its clients. Its notaries are selected and approved through the company’s application process and undergo special training.


Pavaso is another remote online notarization service specializing in electronic closing (eClosing). Meeting the legislative requirements for remote online notarization providers in more than 20 states, Pavaso has established itself as a reliable company keen on safeguarding notarial acts.

More specifically, Pavaso implements signer verification safeguards to ensure the integrity of its remote online notarizations. To verify the signer is who he says he is, Pavaso boasts multifactor authentication and knowledge-based identification questions.

Additional information

Although this is not an exhaustive list of remote notary providers, we hope it has shed light on some of the options and capabilities available for notarial work. More information on online remote notarization and state-specific requirements can be found in our Remote Notarization blog post.

Note: does not formally endorse any of the providers mentioned herein. This post is provided strictly for educational purposes.

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