Surety Bonds Save Young Models

Surety bonds are rarely thought of or talked about when it comes to the modeling industry.  But news comes today from Denver that illustrates the importance and anonymity of surety bonds as a means of financial protection.

As ABC news in Denver reported, a local modeling and acting school recently shut its doors, leaving its students (and their parents) out in the cold.

Students no longer could attend class.  Parents, some who have pre-paid thousands of dollars for classes, are now left wondering if they will see restitution.

But wait – surety bonds may save the day.  In the state of Colorado, private vocational schools are required to obtain a surety bond to operate.  This bond is intended to act as a guaranty for tuition payments left unfulfilled.

Rejoice Denver modeling parents – a surety bond shall save you!  Check out our recently-launched site at the main page.

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