Surety Bonds Sit-Down: The Future of Green Building with Chris Cheatham

green building

Green building remains one of the hottest topics in the surety industry.

To kick off our new audio Q-and-A series, we spoke with Chris Cheatham, a Washington, D.C., construction attorney and an expert in the green building issues facing the surety industry. His blog, Green Building Law Update, has become a hub for information and insight into the future of green building in the nation’s capital and beyond.

Here, Chris talks about the District’s landmark Green Building Act of 2006 and the potential hurdles surrounding surety bonds and the concept of environmentally sustainable building.

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Performance Bonds and the Future of Green Building

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Chris Birk
Chris Birk is a former newspaper and magazine writer who now works for a pair of Inc. 500 companies. He’s also a principal and the chief content creator for Surety, and a part-time college professor at a private Midwestern university.

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