Scholarship Winners: Where Are They Now?

scholarship’s 2017 Small Business Scholarship program is underway! As the team reads submissions from this year’s group of aspiring entrepreneurs, we wanted to see what our past winners were up to. Let’s check in with some of those outstanding students!

Nathan Chiu

Nathan was awarded the Small Business Scholarship in 2016. As a college student at the University of Pennsylvania, he has started to work with nonprofit organizations in Philadelphia, consulting for both Mighty Writers and Foster Grandparents.

“Winning this scholarship has helped relieve the burden of paying for college, which has enabled me to concentrate on studying,” Nathan said. “Most importantly, SuretyBonds’ scholarship has validated the importance of small companies and the value of working with and for them.”

Nathan serves on the board for several resource organizations for aspiring entrepreneurs, though his focus is consulting. While Nathan plans to continue working with nonprofits, he says that his entrepreneurial spirit “remains intact.” He plans to graduate from UPenn in May 2020.

Amy Quinto

Amy, a sophomore at California State University-Chico, was awarded a scholarship in 2015. She continues to run her own sole proprietorship, AQ Photography, while also working for a local small business in Chico, Anika Burke.

“Being able to support myself financially through scholarships definitely allowed me to focus on my studies, rather than worrying about how I was going to afford it,” Amy said. “I feel very blessed to have received this honor.”

At Anika Burke, a boutique, Amy runs the blog and website, does photography and advertising, and works in the shop, while maintaining her own photography business. She hopes to work in marketing after college.

Anish Aggarwal

Anish was awarded the Small Business Scholarship in 2015. He began Top Tier Learning, a peer-to-peer tutoring company, as a high school student, and currently attends the University of Texas at Austin.

“The scholarship really allowed me to concentrate on my academics and my company,” said Anish. “If it wasn’t for the scholarship, I would’ve had to work part-time and would have taken time away from Top Tier Learning.”

Top Tier Learning continues to innovate and Anish is developing a mobile app for the company. He is working to hasten Top Tier Learning’s growth and hopes to expand all over the country. Anish will graduate from UT in May 2018.

We love hearing about our past winners’ academic and professional successes! hopes to continue helping young entrepreneurs to reach their goals.

If you or someone you know is an aspiring entrepreneur, apply for the 2017 Small Business Scholarship! We want to help you further your education and reach your entrepreneurial dreams.

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