Wisconsin updates private investigator surety bond requirements

private investigator

Approved by the Governor of Wisconsin on March 21, 2011, Wisconsin SB 453 makes various changes to the authority and responsibilities of the Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS).

The legislation, published April 4, 2012, changed one major surety requirement. According to a Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau analysis of the passed bill, it reduces inconsistencies in licensing requirements for private detectives, investigators and security personnel.

Previously, professionals in these fields needed a surety bond when applying for licensing, but did not need to maintain the bond thereafter. However, SB 453 requires maintaining that bond throughout the life cycle of the license.

Section 161 details the change:

“Such bonds or liability policies shall be furnished by an insurer authorized to do a surety business in this state in a form approved by the department. The person shall maintain the bond or liability policy during the period that the license is in effect.”

Click here for a full text on WI SB 453.

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