Wyoming MMA promoters now need $10,000 surety bonds

Wyoming MMA Promoters

Gov. Matt Mead signed Wyoming HB 87 into effect on March 8, 2012. Enacted to encourage legally certified mixed martial arts events to be held in the state, the law:

  • establishes the mixed martial arts board of Wyoming
  • provides definitions for the appointment and specifies duties for the state mixed martial arts board
  • specifies procedures for MMA promoter licensure
  • provides information for distribution of MMA-related revenues
  • grants rulemaking authority for the MMA industry

HB 87 also requires mixed martial arts promoters to purchase a Wyoming MMA promoters bond before they can apply for a state-issued license. Most states require fighting promoters to file MMA bonds to ensure they work according to the law. In the event of a mixed martial arts promoter’s financial mismanagement, the guarantee provided by the MMA promoter bond protects athletes and the state from losing money.

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MMA promoters will submit the original version of their Wyoming surety bond form, as well as the rest of their MMA license application to:

Wyoming State Board of Mixed Martial Arts
1800 Carey Avenue, 4th Floor
Cheyenne, WY 82002

HB 87 was originally introduced to create a board, set rules for MMA fighting events and bring an Ultimate Fighting Championship event to Wyoming. Prior to the bill’s passing, Wyoming was one of six U.S. states without a regulated MMA industry. As such, the results of fights held in Wyoming weren’t recognized by other states, so professional fighters traveled out of the state to compete. With the new regulations in place, government officials and fighters alike hope to see a resurgence of mixed martial arts and other combative sports in the state.


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