Indiana introduces PEO surety bond requirement


Indiana Code 27-16-6 was passed during the 2013 regular session of the Indiana General Assembly. This legislation creates a surety bond requirement for PEOs (professional employer organizations). IC 27-16-6 states the following:

Financial requirements
Sec. 1. (a) A PEO or PEO group shall do one (1) of the following:

(1) Maintain positive working capital, as reflected in the
financial statement submitted to the department by the PEO or
PEO group under IC 27-16-4.
(2) If the PEO or PEO group does not meet the requirement of
subdivision (1), maintain any of the following with a minimum
aggregate value in an amount that is at least sufficient to
eliminate the PEO’s or PEO group’s negative working capital
plus one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000):

(A) A surety bond.
(B) An irrevocable letter of credit.
(C) Cash.
(D) A combination of items listed in clauses (A) through (C).”

This means that if an Indiana PEO agent or organization does not maintain a positive working capital, they must obtain a surety bond in order to continue their services.

To read the full text of IC 27-16, click here.

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