Jefferson County, Missouri Contractor Bond

Missouri Contractor Bond

How much does a Jefferson County contractor bond cost?

A $25,000 Jefferson County, Missouri contractor license bond can be issued instantly online to all applicants for a $125 premium. This bond is normally issued for a one-year term but is also available for multiple-year terms with a multi-year discount. If purchased for a two-year term, this bond would cost $218.75 instead of two annual $125 payments.

Once purchased, your original contractor license bond documents will be sent to your email. These documents must then be printed, signed, and delivered to the obligee (Jefferson County Code Enforcement Division).

You can find more information on surety bonds required in Missouri by visiting our Missouri Surety Bond State Hub.

Why is a contractor license bond required in Jefferson County?

The Jefferson County Code Enforcement Division requires contractors to post a $25,000 surety bond before becoming licensed. Specific contractor trades that require this bond include:

  • Backflow Preventive Device Tester

  • Communications

  • Drainlayer

  • Electrical

  • Elevator Electrical

  • Industrial Electrical

  • Lawn Irrigation Installer

  • Mechanical

  • On-Site Sewer System Designer

  • On-Site Evaluator

  • Sprinkler Fitter

Contractor license bonds are a form of protection for consumers and the obligee. These bonds ensure that all principals (contractors) comply with all codes adopted by the County, including the Jefferson County Building Code, International Residential Code 2015, International Building Code 2015, International Fuel Gas Code 2015, International Fire Code 2015International Mechanical Code 2015, International Energy Conservation Code 2015, International Plumbing Code 2015, International Swimming Pool and Spa Code 2015, and the National Electric Code 2008 (not available online).

If a contractor performs work in violation of any of the County or adopted codes, causes damages, or practices negligence, the contractor can be found guilty of malpractice and held financially responsible.

Jefferson County contractor licenses

The following license types are required of contractors of the associated classifications in Jefferson County:

  • Plumbing License

  • Drainlayer License

  • Sprinklerfitter License

  • Lawn Irrigation Installer License

  • Backflow Prevention Devise Tester License

  • On-Site Sewer System Designer License

  • On-Site Soil Evaluator License

  • Electrical License

  • Elevator Electrical License

  • Communications License

  • Industrial Electrical License

  • Mechanical License

Information on the various licenses can be obtained by calling the Code Enforcement Division at (636) 797-5310.

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