Ohio Dog Breeder Surety Bond

How much does an Ohio dog breeder bond cost?

The Ohio Department of Agriculture Division of Animal Health, Commercial Dog Breeder’s Office requires all dog breeders to post a surety bond in an amount dependent on the number of dogs they have.

  • $5,000 bond for breeders with 0-25 dogs

  • $10,000 bond for breeders with 26-50 dogs

  • $50,000 bond for breeders with 50+ dogs

All Ohio dog breeder bonds, regardless of amount, are subject to underwriting consideration. This means that an underwriter must review an applicant’s credit and financial history before determining whether — and at what price — a bond can be issued. As all applicants have individualized histories, the prices of these bonds will vary between applicants.

The best way to determine what price you will pay for your dog breeder bond is to apply for a free bond quote online today!

How will your bond documents be received?

Once an Ohio dog breeder bond is purchased, your original bond documents will be sent to your address via trackable shipping. The original bond documents must then be filed with the obligee (Ohio Department of Agriculture Division of Animal Health).

Why is an Ohio dog breeder bond required?

A person in Ohio wishing to operate as a high-volume breeder must obtain a breeder’s license issued by the Director of Agriculture in accordance with Ohio Revised Code, Title IX, Chapter 956.04 and rules adopted under section 956.03.

The Revised Code and breeder licenses ensure the dog breeder will follow set standards of care governing the following:

  • Housing

  • Nutrition

  • Exercise

  • Grooming

  • Bio security and disease control

  • Waste management

  • Whelping

  • Any other general standards of care for dogs

A breeder found in violation of any rules, regulations, or standards of care can be held financially responsible for any harm caused.

How to get an Ohio dog breeder license

Any person proposing to operate as a new high-volume breeder must submit an application for a license with the Director of Agriculture at least 90 days before commencing breeder operations. Documents and information that must be submitted with the application include:

  • Affidavit signed under oath or solemn affirmation of the number of adult dogs that are kept, housed, and maintained by the applicant at the location subject to this application

  • Estimate of the number of puppies to be kept, housed, and maintained

    • This will include the number of litters of puppies or total number of puppies to be produced during the license term

  • Photographic evidence of the facilities housing the dogs

    • An inspection of the facilities may be conducted by the Director, in addition to reviewing photos

  • Signed release permitting a background investigation

  • Proof that the applicant has a veterinary client-patient relationship established

More information on surety bonds in Ohio can be found on the SuretyBonds.com Ohio State Surety Bond Hub.

Additional Resources

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