New Bond Requirement for Waste Tire Transporters in Louisiana

waste tire transporters

Waste tire transporters in Louisiana will now be required to post a surety bond. A waste tire transporter is someone who transports more than 20 waste tires in the state. Previously, they were only required to carry liability insurance.

$10,000 surety bond is now required and ensures that waste tire transporters comply with the laws governing them in § 10523 of Title 33 of the Louisiana Annotated Code.

Violations of the Code include the following:

  • failure to maintain complete and accurate records of waste tire shipments
  • falsification of shipping documents or waste tire manifests
  • delivery of waste tires to a facility not permitted to accept the tires
  • unauthorized disposal or collection of waste tires
  • violation of federal or state law

Waste tire transporters must submit a notification form to the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) before doing business. Applicants must submit proof of commercial liability insurance for each vehicle they will use when submitting their notification form and surety bond to the DEQ. Authorization expires each year on July 31, and transporters should apply to renew their authorization by July 1.

Applicants for waste tire transporting authorization must pay a certification fee of $100 annually, plus $25 per vehicle used to transport tires. In addition to proof of commercial liability insurance, applicants must submit a copy of each vehicle’s registration or lease agreement.

The Louisiana DEQ can answer your questions about becoming an authorized waste tire transporter. Contact to purchase your Louisiana surety bond.

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