TxDOT Revises Bond for Oversized Vehicles in Hidalgo

oversized vehicles

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has revised surety bond regulations in Hidalgo County regarding oversized vehicles and overweight cargo-carrying vehicles. House Bill 1969, which took effect on September 1, 2015, also added four new routes oversized vehicles can take in the county.

The Hidalgo County Regional Mobile Authority (HCRMA) issues permits to oversized and overweight vehicles traveling through the county. The weight of qualifying vehicles and their cargo should not exceed the allowable permissible axle load, the Mexican legal weight limit or 125,000 pounds, whichever is less. The vehicle and its cargo’s dimensions should not exceed 12′ wide, 15’6″ high or 110′ long.

Permits cost $80 and are valid for one day. Funds from permit sales are used to repair the routes oversized and overweight vehicles use in the county. The HCRMA must file a surety bond with TxDOT in case of damage to the roads that incur costs exceeding funds from permit sales. Previously, the required bond amount was $500,000. With the passing of HB 1969, the bond’s amount is now determined by TxDOT.

Contact the HCRMA or TxDOT with questions about obtaining an oversized or overweight vehicle permit. SuretyBonds.com can answer your bonding questions and help you get bonded in Texas.

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