Wisconsin Nonresident Entertainer Surety Bonds

How much does a Wisconsin nonresident entertainer bond cost?

The state of Wisconsin requires all nonresident entertainers to post a surety bond in the amount of 6% of the total contract price at least 7 days before the performance.

Nonresident entertainer surety bonds are typically issued for a small percentage of the bond amount. For example, if the entertainer requires a $50,000 surety bond, the bond could be issued for a $500 premium. However, prices will vary based on an underwriter’s review of the applicant’s financial and credit history.

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What to do once you’ve purchased your bond

Once the bond is purchased, the original bond documents will be mailed to the notary’s address on file. Nonresident entertainers must then mail the original copy of their Wisconsin surety bond to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, P.O. Box 8906, Madison, WI 53708.

Renewing a nonresident entertainer bond in WI

Nonresident entertainer bonds are valid for a one-year term and must remain in effect until the bond requirement is released by the obligee (Wisconsin Department of Revenue). Your bond does not need any additional documentation at renewal, but renewal payments are required for the bond to remain in effect.

Who qualifies as a nonresident entertainer?

A nonresident entertainer as defined by the state as a person, not of Wisconsin residence, or as a foreign corporation, partnership, or other type of entity that does not regularly engage in business in the state of Wisconsin that furnishes amusement, entertainment, public speaking services, or performances at sporting events in Wisconsin for a consideration.

A foreign corporation, partnership, or other entity is one organized under the laws of a state other than Wisconsin or a foreign country.

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