Minnesota plumber bond now issued for two year term instead of one

Minnesota Plumber Bond

Plumbers in Minnesota have new bonding regulations to wade through. Effective January 1, the state now requires plumbers to file a $25,000 Minnesota plumbers bond for a two-year term instead of a one-year term. The term now runs from January 1, 2012, to January 1, 2014. Plumbers who have yet to renew their Minnesota plumber bond for the new two-year term should contact SuretyBonds.com immediately.

The Minnesota plumbers bond and the subsewage treatment system (SSTS) bonds are still bound under the same surety bond. All individuals who do plumbing work in Minnesota must purchase a plumbers bond even if they aren’t licensed as a state contractor. However, if they don’t need the plumbers bond, contractors in Minnesota can still get the $10,000 SSTS bond on its own for a one-year term.

According to the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry,

“A bond helps protect the consumer from work that does not comply with the plumbing code. The state can use the bond amount to have noncomplying work corrected. A bond filed with a city would offer similar protection.”

Download the 2012-2013 Minnesota pipe laying contractors plumbing bond registration packet.

Applicants will submit the original copy of their legally executed Minnesota plumbers surety bond to:

Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry Construction Codes and Licensing Division Licensing and Certification Services
P.O. Box 64222
St. Paul, MN 55164

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