Alabama Residential Roofer License Guide

Learn How to get an Alabama home builders license with this guide. has developed this comprehensive licensing guide to explain how to get licensed as a residential roofer in Alabama. Follow this Alabama Residential Roofer License Guide to understand Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board registration requirements.

With many already looking forward to the warmer temperatures of spring and summer, residential roofers are preparing for one of the roofing industry’s busiest seasons of the year. However, applicants wanting to receive a license as an Alabama residential roofer need to meet certain licensing requirements as part of updates to the Alabama Code.

The Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board requires residential roofers to post a minimum $10,000 license bond to ensure roofers operate in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations. The bond is in place to cover the cost of claims made against the contractor by any harmed parties. Individuals or businesses holding a current Alabama home builders license are exempt from these updated regulations.

How to get an Alabama home builders license

To become legally certified as a residential roofer in the State of Alabama, all individuals must attain a home builders license. The Home Builders Licensure Board regulates licenses in the state of Alabama and requires residential roofers undertaking projects valued at more than $2,500 to hold a residential roofer’s license. Applicants that are seeking a license must abide by a four-step process that includes submitting an application, meeting financial requirements, paying all fees, and obtaining all permits. Applicants must meet the experience requirements as well.

NOTE: The HBLB is closed to the public due to COVID-19.

Step 1: Submit a request for an application

Individuals can obtain an application through the Home Builders Licensure Board either by sending a written request for an application or by downloading a printable copy of the unlimited or limited license application. Individuals sending in a written request for an application must specify whether they would like an unlimited or limited application.

Applicants must also send a $250 check or money order for application fees and $100 for a new application processing fee to the Home Builders Licensure Board. Those applying for both a limited license and an unlimited license must request a credit agency to file a current credit score for the individual or business applying for a license.

Applicants for the limited license must fulfill all license requirements, including providing one of the following: a building permit; a homeowner’s affidavit; a current license issued by the State of Alabama, which requires testing; contracts; or a business/occupational contractor’s license issued by a county, township, or municipality in Alabama.

All applicants, regardless of whether applying as an individual, corporation, limited liability company, or limited partnership, are required to provide proof of citizenship. This could include a copy of a driver’s license, a birth certificate, a passport, or other proof that the applicant is lawfully present in Alabama.

Step 2: Meet the financial requirements

The bond must be submitted with the application. A $10,000 license/permit bond naming the Board as the obligee must be submitted directly to the Board by the surety company issuing the bond. The Board is not responsible for the cost of a bond that gets denied.

Step 3: Submit the license fees

The annual license fee is $150; a non-refundable $100 new license application processing fee must also accompany applications for a new limited license. Checks in the amount of $250, covering both fees, can be made payable to the Home Builders Licensure Board. The Board accepts cashier’s checks, certified checks, personal or company checks, or money orders for all new applications. All fees must be paid before the application will be processed.

Step 4: Demonstrate your ability and experience

Applicants must hold a business or occupational license that has been issued by a municipality, township, or county in Alabama, on or before one year prior to the date the application was submitted.

Additionally, if applying as a corporation, limited liability company, or limited partnership, a certificate of compliance from the Alabama Department of Revenue must be submitted.

Alabama Home Builders Exam

To receive an unlimited license, an individual must pass the Alabama Home Builders Exam. Exams are offered at testing sites throughout the state in Auburn, Birmingham, Enterprise, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery, Sheffield, and Tuscaloosa.  

Numerous businesses, such as the Builders License Training Institute, offer prep courses to help individuals study for the Alabama Home Builders Exam. Individuals can register for the exam at One can purchase access to a prep course through the website for around $717. The examination fee can be paid by money order, cashier check, certified check, or credit card.

How do I get a residential roofer surety bond in Alabama?

You can apply for a Alabama Residential Roofer Bond online 24/7 or call 1(800)308-4358 to speak with a surety expert about your bonding needs. 

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