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Account Coordinator Position

Account Coordinator

Columbia, MO

Full-time (40-45 hours/week)

Our Account Coordinators help clients get the bonds they need as quickly and easily as possible. Our Production Team nurtures inbound leads from our website aiming to cultivate long-term working relationships for years to come (similar to insurance policies, most bonds renew annually). A few standard tasks include guiding customers through the application process, answering questions for customers to ensure accuracy and qualification, assisting Account Executives in driving sales, and adding value to the overall customer experience for acquisition and retention purposes.

What We’re Looking For

It Would Be Great If You Have These Skills Already

Within 60 days after hire, all Account Coordinators must pass the Missouri Property & Casualty Insurance Producer Licensing Exam. The company sponsors training and first exam fee.

Key Responsibilities

These assignments are varied in nature and frequently nonroutine.

I think I'd be a good fit. How do I apply?

Send an email along with your resume to [email protected] and tell us why you want to join our team! Please include the position you’re interested in with your email.

SuretyBonds.com is an equal opportunity employer.