How to get an Alaska Construction Contractor License

This Alaska construction contractor license guide is for informational purposes only. does not regulate or manage licensing for construction contractors in Alaska. Contact the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development for state's latest official construction contractor license requirements.

The Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development requires construction contractors be licensed before working in the state. "Construction contractor" is a general term used in Alaska to describe several different professions in the state's construction industry. The Alaska DCCED enforces different licensing requirements depending on the type of construction work you do. However, all construction license types require the same type of surety bond be filed for licensing. 

How to get an Alaska Construction Contractor License

How do I get a construction contractor license in Alaska?

Step 1. Determine which Alaska construction contractor license you need. 

Your Alaska construction contractor license isn't a “one size fits all” license. Each classification has its own license application requirements.

  • General Contractors are authorized to oversee construction projects. They can also perform new home construction along with commercial or residential remodel work. General contractors who perform residential work that's more than 25% of the home value also need a residential contractor license/endorsement. 
  • Residential Contractors are authorized to perform construction work for residential properties with 1-4 units. They can perform work that's valued at more than 25% of the residency being altered. Residential contractors must have a residential contractor endorsement or have assigned employees who have this endorsement. 
  • Specialty Contractors perform 3 or fewer trades on the Alaska Specialty Contractor Trades List. If you perform more than 3 specialty contractor trades, you'll need to apply as a general or residential contractor.
  • Electrical Contractors are a subsection of specialty contractors. You'll need to have an electrical administrator license in addition to a specialty contractor license. Electrical contractors must have an electrical contractor or communications contractor listed under their specialty trades to be classified as an electrical contractor. 
  • Mechanical Contractors are authorized to perform plumbing, heating, sheet metal, or refrigeration work. Mechanical contractors must hold a mechanical administrator license or have someone assigned to them who has that license.
  • Handyman Contractors are authorized to work on projects with aggregate project costs less than $10,000. 

Step 2. Fill out your Alaska construction contractor application form(s). 

You must include the names of all owners and principal officers to be licensed. Your application must be signed and notarized. If you're applying as a corporation or LLC, be sure your business is registered with the Alaska Corporations Section before proceeding. 

Step 3. Get your residential endorsement contractor license (if applicable). 

If you need a residential contractor license or are applying as a general contractor with a residential endorsement, you'll need to get a residential endorsement for your primary license. 

First you'll need to complete a 160-hour Alaska craftsman home program (or equivalent). This course must be taken within 2 years of applying for the residential license, and you must file your completion certificate and exam results with your license application. You can find exam providers on

Sign and notarize your residential endorsement application and pay the $350 registration fee. Mail all application materials and your fee to the Contractor Licensing Section. 

Contractor Licensing Section
State Office Building
333 Willoughby Avenue, 9th Floor

PO Box 110806
Juneau, AK 99811-0806

Once your application has been processed, your license number will be issued. 

Step 4. Purchase general liability insurance.

You'll need to provide proof of general liability insurance in the following amounts for all contractor license classifications.

  • $20,000 minimum for property damage
  • $50,000 minimum for bodily injury
  • $100,000 minimum for bodily injury for more than one person

Step 5. Purchase workers compensation insurance. 

You must have workers compensation insurance if your business uses employee labor or is structured as a corporation or LLC. If you're applying for a handyman contractor license or general contractor with residential endorsement license, you'll need to include your workers compensation insurance certificate in your application packet.

Step 6. Purchase and file your Alaska construction contractor surety bond. 

Alaska contractor licenses require a surety bond to provide financial protection against potential fraud or other misrepresentation. Bond amounts and pricing vary by license type, but you can apply for your Alaska construction contractor bond online 24/7. Your personal invoice will be provided after a quick application review with annual premiums starting at $75.

  • A $5,000 bond is required for handyman contractors. 
  • A $10,000 bond is required for specialty and mechanical contractors. 
  • A $20,000 bond is required for general contractors with a residential endorsement. 
  • A $25,000 bond is required for general residential and commercial contractors. 

Step 7. Apply for your license and pay the fees. 

Now that you've completed all required steps outlined above, you can apply for your Alaska construction contractor license! Submit all application documents to the Contractor Licensing Section. All licenses require a $350 fee payable by check or money order. Alaska construction contractor license application processing can take a few weeks. If all of your paperwork is accurate and complete, your Alaska construction contractor license will be issued!

How do I renew my Alaska construction contractor license?

You'll receive an email 30 days before your license expires reminding you to renew your license. To renew, you'll need to register with the online MYLICENSE portal through the Alaska Department of Commerce. Once you're registered, log in to the myAlaska account associated with your license. From there, select your license number to start an online renewal application. You'll need to complete a separate renewal application for each license you need to renew.

Effective October 1, 2023, licenses for all general, residential, specialty, mechanical, and handyman construction contractors will set to expire 9/30 of even-numbered years.

Last Updated: October 12, 2023

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