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California Professional Club and Promoter Bond

How much does a combative sports promoter bond cost in California?

Professional promoters in California must post surety bonds to legally work within the state. Applicants should verify their required bond amount with the state prior to bonding.

Because the required amount and price of this bond can vary so much, or experts recommend calling in at 1 (800) 308-4358 or submitting a bond request to receive your free surety bond quote.

Bond Type Bond Amount Cost*
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Why do I need this bond?

California club and promoter’s surety bonds guarantee the following:

  • the payment of all taxes and fines due and payable to the state
  • the payment of contributions for medical insurance and to the pension fund
  • the payment of assessments for neurological examinations (as specified in subdivision (c) of Section 18711)
  • the payment of the purses to the competitors
  • the repayment to consumers of purchased tickets
  • the payment of fees to the referees, judges, timekeepers, and physicians
  • an amount determined by the commission which does not exceed the commission’s actual cost in connection with the approval of the contest or match in the event of the cancellation of a contest or match approved by the commission without good cause

By posting this bond, principals (promoters) agree to conduct business in compliance with the above terms and Sections 18680 and 18684 of the Business and Professions Code. If the principal fails to comply with these terms, the bond protects harmed parties from financial loss up to the full bond amount.

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What’s the fine print?

California MMA promoter bonds are continuous and remain in full effect for 1 year. After a California professional club and promoter bond is issued, the Commission reserves the right to modify the amount of the bond to ensure adequate coverage of payments.

This bond can be canceled by the surety in accordance with the provisions of Sections 996310 of the Code of Civil Procedure.

How to become a combative sports promoter in California

For a club owner or promoter to conduct business in California, he or she must first become registered with the California State Athletic Commission. Applicants must complete the registration statement form, submit the required surety bond and pay the mandatory registration fees. Depending on the type of professional club the applicant owns or promotes, he or she may also be asked to provide additional information, including:

  • live scan fingerprints
  • medical insurance coverage certification in the amount of $50,000
  • financial statement
  • resume with relevant experience

The Athletic Commission maintains the right to require an increased bond amount for special events.

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Additional Resources

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Business and Professions Code Section 18640-18656

California Department of Consumer Affairs State Athletic Commission California Code of Regulations Title 4. Business Regulations Division 2. State Athletic Commission

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