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Colorado Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

How much does a Colorado auto dealer bond cost?

Colorado auto dealer surety bonds are required by the Colorado Motor Vehicle Dealer Board and must be in the amount of $50,000. SuretyBonds.com offers these bonds for different costs depending on a review of each applicant’s credit report.

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Bond Type Bond Amount Cost*
$50,000 Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond Motor Vehicle Dealer, Used Motor Vehicle Dealer, Wholesaler, or Wholesale Auction-Dealer Bond $50,000 Starts at $450 Apply Now

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Why do I need an auto dealer bond in Colorado?

Colorado motor vehicle bonds guarantee that principals (motor vehicle dealers, powersports vehicle dealers, used motor vehicle dealers, used powersports vehicle dealers, wholesalers and wholesale motor vehicle auction-dealers) comply with the terms listed in 12-6-111(1) and 12-6-512(1) of the Colorado Revised Statutes during the term of the business license. Specifically, this bond prevents fraud and fraudulent representation at the hands of the principal.

Recovery under this bond is limited to the parties and priorities described in Colorado Revised Statutes 12-6-111(2)(a) and 12-6-512(2)(a) and is subject to the requirements of Colorado Revised Statutes 12-6-111(2)(b) and 12-6-512(2)(b).

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Please note this page is for vehicle dealer licensing. If you have lost or need to obtain a vehicle title, a Colorado certificate of title bond is required.

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Additional information about Colorado auto dealer bonds

Colorado motor vehicle dealer bonds can be continued from year-to-year with the issuance of a proper continuation certificate from the surety. This certificate must be delivered to the Director of Revenue. The surety can cancel the bond at any time by filing 45 days’ written notice of such cancellation with the vehicle dealer and the Director of the Department of Revenue. If, however, cancellation is based upon nonpayment of premium, this bond may be canceled by the surety upon 10 days’ written notice to the dealer and the director.

The applicant must indicate one of the following dealer types on the bond application:

How to become a vehicle dealer in Colorado

A vehicle dealer in the state of Colorado is defined as a person who sells or leases 3 vehicles from the same address during the cycle of one calendar year with the intent to make a profit. These professionals must obtain a license issued by the Colorado Motor Vehicle Dealer Board (MVDB). Applicants must do the following to qualify for a license:

More licensing information can be accessed from the Additional Resources section of this page.

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