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Illinois Notary Bond

How much does a notary public bond cost in Illinois?

The state of Illinois requires notary bonds in the amount of $5,000. These bonds can be issued instantly and purchased right now through our secure payment portal. Simply click “Buy Now” and you can be on your way to being bonded as a notary in IL today!

SuretyBonds.com issues 4-year resident notary bonds with Errors and Omissions coverage (E&O coverage) for just $30! No credit check is required, so everyone qualifies for this low rate of just $7.50 per year.

Bond Type Bond Amount Cost
$5,000 Notary Bond with $5,000 Errors and Omissions Insurance $5,000 $30 for 4 years
$5,000 Notary Bond with $5,000 Errors and Omissions Insurance (Non-resident) $5,000 $30 for 1 year

Why do I need this bond?

Illinois notary bonds ensure that notary publics have applied for appointment by the Secretary of the State of Illinois for a four-year term. These bonds guarantee that notaries will truly and faithfully perform and discharge the duties of the office according to law.

What’s the fine print?

Illinois notary bonds for residents remain valid for 4 years and run concurrently with the notary’s commission.

Illinois non-resident notary bonds remain valid for 1 year. Applicants for a non-resident license and bond must be a resident of a bordering state of Illinois (Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa) and must be employed by a business with a valid Illinois address.

Illinois General Assembly Compiled Statutes: Notary Public Act

Illinois Notary Public Application

Illinois Notary Public Application Checklist

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