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Indiana $25,000 Notary Bond

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Purchase your bond instantly online when you choose one of the 4 options below. Protect yourself from potential financial loss by including errors and omissions coverage with your bond.

  • $50.00
    Without Errors & Omissions

  • $125.00
    $10,000 Errors & Omissions


    $15,000 Errors & Omissions

  • $155.00
    $20,000 Errors & Omissions

Want your bond tomorrow? Buy your bond now and choose overnight shipping at checkout.

How much does a $25,000 notary public surety bond cost in Indiana?

Indiana notary bonds are issued for eight-year terms and cost just $50. Errors and omissions coverage is available for an additional premium. Including errors and omissions insurance with your bond ensures you are not held personally liable for mistakes made while notarizing documents. Visit our blog for more information on this essential coverage.

Simply click Buy Now below to purchase your bond through our secure bond checkout. Once your payment is processed, the original bond documents will be electronically sent to you via email. You must then print, sign, and file the bond documents with the Indiana Secretary of State. With SuretyBonds.com, it only takes a few minutes to be on your way to becoming bonded as a notary in Indiana.

Bond Type Bond Amount Cost
$25,000 Notary Bond No Errors & Omissions $25,000 $50
$25,000 Notary Bond $10,000 Errors and Omissions $25,000 $125
$25,000 Notary Bond $15,000 Errors and Omissions $25,000 $145
$25,000 Notary Bond $20,000 Errors and Omissions $25,000 $155

Does an Indiana notary need to be bonded?

The Indiana Secretary of State requires notaries to submit a $25,000 surety bond before being commissioned.

By submitting a notary bond, notaries agree to abide by all rules established in the Indiana Code, as well as any other applicable state or local regulations. If a notary public violates any of these rules and regulations, the person can be removed from the position by the state and claims could be brought against the person’s bond.

Indiana notary surety bonds remain in effect for eight years. If the surety or principal decides to cancel this bond for any reason, 30 days’ notice prior to termination is required.

How to become a notary in Indiana

Those looking to become a commissioned notary must be at least 18 years old, a legal resident of or primarily employed in Indiana, and without a conviction involving deceit, dishonesty, or fraud. All applicants must complete the following steps before they can legally perform notarizations in the state:

  • Purchase a $25,000 notary bond
  • Provide a signature sample that matches the name on the application
  • Obtain an Indiana State Police Limited Criminal History Record no longer than 30 days from filling out the application
  • Acquire a notary seal
  • Pay a notary application fee of $75

Notary publics are required to maintain their notary commissions. As a result, notary publics must complete a continuing education course and subsequent exam every two years to retain their notary status. Failure to adhere to the continuing education requirements will result in an automatic expiration of the notary public commission. Additionally, notary publics must inform the Secretary of State of any personal information changes.

How to perform remote notarizations in Indiana

An applicant must be an active, commissioned notary public in Indiana with at least 90 days remaining on a current notary commission term before applying to perform remote notarizations. To receive authorization, all notary publics must complete the following:

  • Complete a remote notary application
  • Applicants must disclose which technology vendor they’ll be using to perform remote notarizations
  • Complete the $95 remote notary education course and pass the exam
  • Email ([email protected]) or mail in the completed application and NNA certificate of completion to the Business Services Division C/O Notary at 302 West Washington Street, Room E-018, Indianapolis, IN 46204
  • Applicants must send in a $5 check, payable to the Indiana Secretary of State, including the name found on the application and the applicant’s notary public number

Notary publics must use a remote technology vendor from the Secretary of State’s approved vendor list. Individuals can check the status of their application at any time; once approved, the status will change from “pending application” to “active”.

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