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Massachusetts $10,000 Auctioneer Bond

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Purchase your bond instantly online when you choose one of the 3 term options below. Save time and money by extending your bond term. Choosing a longer term now means you pay 25% less for your bond each year and forego the annual renewal process.

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Want your bond emailed to you tomorrow? Buy your bond now .

How much does a $10,000 auctioneer bond cost in Massachusetts?

Auctioneer bonds in Massachusetts cost $100 and are issued instantly. Simply click Buy Now to securely purchase your bond directly through our site. In just a few minutes, you can be on your way to getting bonded as an auctioneer in Massachusetts.

Bond Type Bond Amount Cost
$10,000 Auctioneer Bond $10,000 $100

Why do I need an auctioneer bond in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts auctioneer bonds are required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation’s Deputy Director of Standards in the amount of $10,000. Auctioneer bonds in Massachusetts exist to protect customers and the commonwealth from any illegal acts an auctioneer might commit. Specifically, this bond type ensures that auctioneers will pay any and all fines or penalties incurred through violations of the provisions of Chapter 100 of the Massachusetts General Laws or any amendments thereof.

Massachusetts auctioneer bonds are continuous until canceled. This means that a continuation certificate will be sent to the principal of the bond at renewal and must be filled out if that principal still needs the bond. These bonds may only be canceled if the obligee writes a notice to the principal. If the surety chooses to cancel this bond or if the auctioneer’s business license is terminated, notice must be given to the Acting Deputy Director of Standards 60 days prior to the termination date. See more on our surety bond renewal guide.

I would like to obtain a Massachusetts auctioneer license — where do I start?

Posting a Massachusetts auctioneer surety bond is only the first step toward becoming a licensed auctioneer. Multiple requirements must be met:

  • You must be 18 years or older to become an auctioneer in Massachusetts.
  • You must submit a legitimate diploma or certificate from a certified auctioneer school.
  • You must submit a $10,000 surety bond.
  • You must pay the $100 licensing fee.
    • Please note that money orders and checks are the only currently accepted forms of payment.
  • You must submit two letters of recommendation signed by licensed auctioneers, members of the Massachusetts Bar, or elected officials.
  • All of these materials must be submitted with the application, which you may mail or submit in person via walk-in service (available with same-day registration and all required documents and fees previously submitted) at:

    Division of Standards
    One Ashburton Place, Room 1115
    Boston, MA 02108

Ready to get started?

Additional Resources

Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation Auctioneer Licensing Guide

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Standards Application for Auctioneer’s License

The 188th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts General Laws Part 1, Title 15, Chapter 100 - Auctioneers

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