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Michigan Professional Fundraiser Bond

How much will my Michigan fundraising bond cost?

The price an applicant will pay for a $10,000 Michigan uniform professional fundraiser bond is subject to underwriting and will depend on a review of his or her personal credit report. Fundraisers with strong financial credentials could pay as low as $100 for their surety bond!

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Bond Type Bond Amount Cost*
$10,000 Professional Fundraiser Bond $10,000 Starts at $100 GET A QUOTE

If you’re ready to get bonded, call SuretyBonds.com at 1 (800) 308-4358 or fill out our online bond request form. Our experts can provide you with your free surety bond quote within 1 business day of applying!

Why do I need this bond?

Michigan professional fundraising surety bonds are put in place to ensure that professional fundraisers adhere to the rules and regulations listed in the Public Acts of 1975. Specifically, the bond ensures that the fundraiser will annually file a statement of past and current solicitation contracts with the Attorney General, maintain books and records that are available for inspection during reasonable business hours by both the surety and the Attorney General, and more.

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What’s the fine print?

Michigan uniform professional fundraiser bonds expire on June 30, so your bond premium could be prorated depending on when you buy it. Our team of surety experts works hard to get you bonded according to your specific needs.

If the bond is canceled prior to the expiration date, the surety or principal (professional fundraiser) must provide written notice to the other party and the Charitable Trust Section, Department of the Attorney General 90 days prior to the desired cancellation date.

A continuation certificate from the surety must be submitted with each license renewal application.

How to become a professional fundraiser in Michigan

Professional fundraisers in Michigan must be licensed under the Solicitations Act. To apply, these professionals must submit the following materials:

  • surety bond or continuation certificate
  • articles of incorporation or other organizing documents
  • supplemental contract printouts
  • copies of all contracts with organizations which solicit contributions from residents in Michigan
  • Registration of Professional Solicitor form for each solicitor retained to solicit contributions in the state
  • campaign financial statements for all solicitations in the state that were concluded over the past year and have not yet been reported

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Additional Resources

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Charitable Organizations and Solicitations Act (Act 169 of 1975)

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