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Michigan Retail Consumer Firework Sales Bond

Cost: $100 / 1 year term
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How much does a Michigan firework sales bond cost? 

The Michigan retail consumer firework sales bond costs $100 annually for all low-impact firework consumer retailers certified to work in the state. 

How do I get a retail firework sales bond in Michigan?

You can purchase your Michigan firework sales bond online 24/7. You'll need to provide your licensed business name and license type for Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs filing approval. Once your payment has been processed, your official firework sales bond will be emailed to you instantly. 

How fast can I get a retail consumer firework sales bond?

SuretyBonds.com offers instant emailed Michigan retail consumer firework sales bond delivery 24/7. Purchase your firework surety bond online now to receive your official bond delivered in minutes by email.

Bond Type
$5,000Retail Consumer Firework Sales Bond

What is a Michigan fireworks bond?

Michigan Fireworks Safety Act 256 Section 28.454 requires individuals file a $5,000 surety bond to apply for a consumer fireworks certificate for a retail location that's not a permanent building or structure. The state does not have an official bond form, but the bond requirement itself ensures the collection of estimated sales tax and firework safety fees. The Michigan Fireworks Safety Act requires you satisfy all requirements for the retail sale of consumer grade fireworks and pay the required taxes and fees.

How does a Michigan retail consumer firework sales bond work?

State law allows bond claims to be filed against noncompliant firework sellers to protect the state and consumers from financial loss up to the full $5,000 surety bond amount as a result of a seller's unlawful violation. Consumer grade firework retailers must reimburse their issuing surety company in full for any claims paid out. In accordance with the Michigan Fireworks Safety Act, this specific bond only covers the sale of low impact fireworks such as sparklers, sparkling devices, bottle rockets, firecrackers, toy guns, toy pistols, fountains, and other small explosive content. 

Who needs a fireworks bond in Michigan? 

You need a Michigan consumer retail firework sales bond if you're applying for a consumer fireworks certificate for a retail location that's not a permanent building or structure. As defined by state law, "temporary facilities" required to purchase and file this bond are buildings or structures that do not meet the definition for a permanent building or structure where consumer and low-impact fireworks are sold, which include the following.

  • Consumer fireworks retail stands
  • Tents
  • Canopies
  • Membrane structures

Who regulates retail consumer firework sales?

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Bureau of Fire Services enforces licensing for the state's retail consumer firework sales. The state's requirements ensure retail locations throughout Michigan comply with national standards for the consumer retail sale of low impact fireworks. If you have questions about licensing requirements, you can contact the Fireworks Program by calling 1(517)335-4058 or emailing [email protected]

How do I update or change my firework sales surety bond?

If the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs requires your firework sales bond form be updated, contact your surety insurance company. If you purchased your bond from SuretyBonds.com, email [email protected] to explain the needed change. The most common change requested is updating your licensed business name to match your existing firework sales permit.

How do I renew my retail consumer firework sales bond?

You'll need to renew your Michigan firework sales bond before its current term expires. Once you pay your SuretyBonds.com renewal invoice, instructions will be provided to keep your retail consumer firework sales surety bond active for your next permit term as required by state law.

How do I get a Michigan retail consumer firework sales license?

To sell fireworks to consumers in Michigan, you must submit your application between January 1st through April 1st using the Michigan Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Online Consumer Fireworks Certificate Application Process. You'll need to provide the following with your application. 

  • $1,000 or $600 application fee depending on the structure 
  • copy of current Michigan Sales Tax License
  • valid federal tax identification number (unless a sole proprietorship) 
  • notarized felony affidavit
  • $5,000 firework sales surety bond

Note that your retail consumer firework sales license only authorizes you to sell low impact fireworks and does not authorize you to perform a professional fireworks display on public or private property for holidays like Independence Day or Memorial Day. 

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