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New Hampshire Auctioneer Bond

Cost: $438 / 2 year term
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Effective July 26, 2022, the New Hampshire Auctioneer Bond is no longer required by the New Hampshire Secretary of State Board of Auctioneers.

If you work as an auctioneer or auction service company in states other than New Hampshire, we also offer auctioneer bonds nationwide.

How much does an auctioneer bond cost in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire auctioneer bonds previously cost $438 for the state-required 2-year term. However, this surety bond is no longer required for New Hampshire auctioneer licensing. You no longer need to purchase this bond or pay an annual premium for New Hampshire auctioneer bond coverage.

Why do I need a New Hampshire auctioneer bond?

Effective July 26, 2022, you no longer need a surety bond to be licensed as an auctioneer in New Hampshire. New Hampshire auctioneer bonds previously ensured that the principal (auctioneer) complied with all provisions of Chapter 311-B of the Revised Statutes Annotated of New Hampshire. This surety bond previously guaranteed you would be held accountable for the delivery of items that came into your possession as a licensed auctioneer in New Hampshire.

If you work as an auctioneer or auction service company in states other than New Hampshire, we also offer auctioneer bonds nationwide.

How long does a New Hampshire auctioneer license last?

New Hampshire auctioneer surety bonds previously expired 2 years from the effective date and were renewed every 2 years. Any liability accrued prior to the expiration date of the bond remained valid after the expiration date.

How to obtain a New Hampshire auctioneer license

To be considered for an auctioneer license in New Hampshire, applicants must submit the following materials, along with a completed application for an auctioneer license, under RSA 311-B.

*A completed application includes the applicant’s name and address, as well as notarized signatures.

Step 1: Submit a fee of $200.

The New Hampshire auctioneer license application issues a required fee of $200, which can be made payable to the State of New Hampshire.

Step 2: Acquire 2 recommendations.

Recommendations are collected to certify that the applicant is trustworthy and competent to auction real, personal, and mixed property in the best interests of the public. Business references can be described as, but are not limited to, the applicant’s banker, accountant, and/or attorney.

Step 3: Provide a copy of your current government-issued photo ID.

Applicants for auctioneer licensure in New Hampshire must be a minimum age of 18.

Step 4: Provide a certified copy of your criminal record.

A certified copy of the applicant’s criminal record is required to be issued within 90 days of the application submission date. Those who do not reside in the state of New Hampshire are required to obtain criminal history from their residing state.

Non-resident applicants using reciprocity must submit the following.

  • A certified copy of a current and valid auctioneer’s license issued by the relevant state agency, held by the applicant from his or her residing state whose laws are applicable for reciprocity under RSA 311- B:6
  • A letter of good standing from said agency
  • An affidavit demonstrating licensure for at least six months
  • Evidence of having conducted a minimum of 10 auctions within the five-year period immediately preceding the application
  • A completed Licensure and Conduct Affidavit form, submitted with the application

Step 5: Provide proof of the following, if applicable.

  • Proof of auctioneer training completion at a recognized auctioneering school (New Hampshire State Auctioneers Exam required)
  • Apprenticeship affidavit(s) of at least six months, with a minimum of 10 auctions (New Hampshire State Auctioneers Exam required)
  • Must be submitted on the form as provided by the board
  • Letters of good standing (for non-resident applicants applying through reciprocity; no New Hampshire exam required)

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