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New York Private Investigator Bond

Cost: $88 / 2 year term
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How much does a New York private investigator bond cost?

A New York private investigator bond costs $88 for two years of coverage. The bond is required by the New York Department of State and must be in the amount of $10,000.

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Bond Type
$10,000Private Investigator Bond

Why is a private investigator bond required?

Private detective bonds are required to ensure the principal (private detective) will comply with all provisions, rules, regulations, and amendments regulated by the Department of State. If the principal does not conduct business in a lawful manner, he or she will be held responsible for compensating the surety for any damages covered. The following are a few examples of the principal’s responsibilities as a private investigator:

  • Maintain professionalism in all business relationships
  • Cooperate with other criminal justice agencies
  • Accept and fulfill all obligations
  • Apply equitable standards when recruiting employees

What to know about private investigator bonds

On the bond form, the principal must specify that he or she is a private investigator among the other options listed on the form. investigator bonds remain in effect as long as the principal remains in compliance with the rules and regulations stated on the form. This bond also requires the signature of a notary public acknowledging the contractual agreement between the surety, principal, and obligee.

How to become a private investigator in New York

To become a private investigator in New York, applicants must meet all requirements established by the New York Private Investigators Licensing Law including submitting an application with the investigator’s full name, address, etc. and passing a written examination within the past 2 years.

Additional documents or information to be submitted at the time of application includes a full set of fingerprints, application fee made payable to the New York Department of state, proof of a $10,000 surety bond, a signed DMV Informed Consent section, and adequate insurance if you have employees.

For more information on getting licensed as a private investigator, please see the private investigator application.

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