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North Carolina Lottery Bond

How much does a lottery bond cost in North Carolina?

The North Carolina Education Lottery requires lottery retailers to be bonded before they can legally work within the state. The required bond amount varies and the cost of the bond is subject to underwriting consideration, meaning it is based on a review of the applicant’s credit. Highly qualified applicants may be approved for as little as 1% of the total bond amount.

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Why are lottery retailers required to be bonded?

North Carolina lottery bonds ensure that principals (lottery retailers) remit payments for the sale of lottery tickets as specified in the Retailer Contract. Specifically, this bond guarantees the compensation of the state and consumers if an applicant commits fraud or other damaging acts, such as falsifying records of sale or failing to pay requisite dues on sales.

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How to become a lottery retailer in North Carolina

To become a licensed lottery retailer in North Carolina, applicants must meet the requirements established in the North Education Lottery Policies and Procedures Manual. Failure to comply with North Carolina requirements may result in an applicant’s license rejection.

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Specifics on becoming a lottery retailer, such as the application process, instructions and fees, can be found in the Retailer Application Packet.

What are the responsibilities of a lottery retailer?

All lottery retailers in North Carolina must adhere to the following NCEL rules and regulations:

For complete licensing information, visit the Additional Resources section of this page.

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How long are lottery bonds effective?

North Carolina lottery surety bonds can run for 1, 2 or 3-year terms. Each term option has a specific bond form. The surety contact information must appear at the bottom of every bond form.

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