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Pennsylvania Malt and Brewed Beverage Bond

$100.00 / 1-year term

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How much will my Pennsylvania malt liquor tax bond cost?

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, Bureau of Business Trust Fund Taxes requires malt and brewed beverage bonds of those who sell malt beverages. The required bond amount amount should be equal to either the highest two-month average tax liability during the preceding 12-month period or $5,000, whichever is greater.

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The premium you’ll pay for a bond greater than $5,000 is subject to review by an underwriter.

Bond Type Bond Amount Cost
$5,000 Malt and Brewed Beverage Bond $5,000 $100
$5,001+ Malt and Brewed Beverage Bond $5,001+ Price Varies GET A QUOTE

Why do I need this bond?

Malt and brewed beverage bonds in Pennsylvania guarantee the payment of taxes set by the Malt Beverage Tax Act. Principals (malt beverage sellers) must repay the taxes collected from the sale of malt liquor to the Commonwealth. This specific bond protects the state from any financial loss if an alcohol seller fails to pay these taxes and other required fees.

What’s the fine print?

These bonds are remain in effect continuously and must be renewed annually for as long as the licensee will be selling malt and brewed beverages. The surety must give the Department at least 60 days’ notice prior to the proposed cancellation date.

When filling out the bond form, be prepared to provide your name and business address, any trade names, and the specified bond amount. The obligee may require an increase in the bond amount based on the principal’s business practices during the previous year.

How to become a seller or manufacturer of malt liquor beverages in Pennsylvania

Sellers or manufacturers of malt liquor beverages in Pennsylvania must be licensed to ensure compliance with laws and tax filing requirements. The license requires that sellers adhere to the following requirements:

  • Records maintained showing quantities of liquor sold, manufactured, or stored
  • Licensee has been a resident of Pennsylvania for minimum two years
  • Licensed location not within 300 feet of any church, school, public playground, or hospital
  • No convictions or guilty verdicts of a felony during previous five years

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