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Tennessee Collection Service License Bond

How much does a collection service license bond cost in Tennessee?

Debt collection services in Tennessee must post a surety bond prior to conducting business as a licensing requirement.

The required bond amount is based on the number of employees the collection service employees and are as follows:

These bonds are subject to underwriting consideration, so the cost of your bond depends not only on your required bond amount but also on a review of your qualifications.

Bond Type Bond Amount Cost*
$15,000 Collection Service License Bond 1-4 employees $15,000 Starts at $150 GET A QUOTE
$20,000 Collection Service License Bond 5-9 employees $20,000 Starts at $200 GET A QUOTE
$25,000 Collection Service License Bond 10+ employees $25,000 Starts at $250 GET A QUOTE

Why do I need this bond?

Tennessee collection service license bonds help to guarantee that principals (collection service licensees) faithfully and truly account to their clients within 30 days after the close of each calendar month unless otherwise provided by mutual agreement between the collector and the client. Generally, the bond ensures that principals conduct business in accordance with the provisions of Title 62, Chapter 20 of the Tennessee Code Annotated.

If the principal conducts unlawful or unethical business, the bond protects consumers from financial loss up to the full amount of the bond.

What’s the fine print?

Collection service license bonds in Tennessee remain valid for a period of 1 year from the effective date indicated on the bond form and a notary public must acknowledge all signatures on the bond form.

How to start a collection service in Tennessee

Applicants should contact the Licensing Board for information on the application, renewal and fees to become a collection service in Tennessee. This contact information is available in the Additional Resources section of this page.

The forms to be completed prior to starting a collection service include:

  • Agency Application
  • Agency Branch License Application
  • Service License Bond in the proper amount based on the number of employees
  • Agency License Renewal Application Form and Information
  • Balance Sheet

Additional Resources

Collection Service Board License Requirements

Collection Service Agency Application

Collection Service Board Forms and Downloads

Tennessee Code Title 62, Chapter 20 (Collection Service Act)

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